2013 Chevy Volt Gets New Driving Mode, Lane Departure Warning

volt-new-official-pics11 The 2013 Chevrolet Volt is receiving a mild update for 2013, and will be getting some new tech features as well as a slightly changed look.

The most noteworthy change coming to the range extended hybrid is a new EV hold mode, which when activated will use the cars gasoline engine for power exclusively.

If you are taking a trip that involves city and highway driving, EV hold mode is useful for saving the electrical power for the city where it is more efficient than using gas, and using the gas power on the highway when it is the more efficient option. EV hold will help consumers get the maximum amount of range from their Chevy Volt.

The Volt will also be getting GM’s lane departure warning system, which is slowly being integrated into every General Motors car across the range of brands.

The style changes for the Volt will be a new body colored roof and rear liftgate, rather than the black roof and liftgate the Volt uses now.

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