AMG Models Based on Mercedes A-class Likely to Have AWD

2013-Mercedes-Benz-A250-AMG-Sport We recently caught up with Ola Källenius, boss of AMG, and asked him some questions about the future of AMG. Chief among the information gleaned was that AMG versions of the front-drive-based compact A-class and its derivatives likely will get all-wheel drive, and that the company will not build an AMG B-class. Although AMG has yet to officially confirm hotted-up A-class-based models, they are all but guaranteed to happen.

When asked whether the A-class AMG’s front wheels alone could effectively put down the 300-ish hp expected from the car, Källenius’s response was that the power would need to be put to the road adequately. Unless AMG has some new way to quell torque steer in massively muscular front-drive small cars, we cannot imagine the company would attempt to route all that power to fewer than four wheels.

Although we will not be getting the A-class hatchback model that debuted in Geneva this year, a four-door “baby CLS” based off the A-class will make it to our shores. A small, sub-GLK-sized crossover built from the same bones is expected to be sold here as well. If either of those models get AMG’d—and we fully expect them to—it’s safe to assume that they will feature all-wheel drive. (We’d also expect four driven wheels in non-AMG versions of the small ute.)

Källenius was much more forthcoming regarding a potential B-class AMG model, saying that “it doesn’t live up to the promise of AMG.” So there you have it—no gawky hot hatch from AMG. The A-class-based sedan is still about a year away, so it will be at least that long before we see any compact AMGs on our streets.

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