Aston Martin Dragon (!) 88 Limited Editions

Aston-Martin-Dragon Just like many other automakers displaying at the Beijing auto show, Aston Martin has released a celebratory Year of the Dragon package called the Dragon 88 Limited Edition. This special version will be available for the DBS, Virage, and V8 Vantage S.

Despite being adorned with dragons that are synonymous with power and strength in Chinese culture, the Dragon 88 will not get any added strength or power from its pedestrian DBS, Virage, and V-8 Vantage S counterparts.

The packages come in three special colors—Amethyst Red, Volcano Red, and Champagne Gold—chosen to signify traditional Chinese art and imagery. The interior is complemented with embroidered golden dragons on the headrests, gold stitching, and piano black trim. To continue the gold theme, the iconic Aston Martin wing badges on the trunk and the hood are made with 24-karat gold. So if you regularly park your extravagant luxury cars on the dodgy side of Shanghai, consider yourself warned.

Pricing has not been announced yet, but expect the limited production 88 models to command a handsome raise from the Aston line’s already, um, gorgeous stickers.

Car and Driver