Honda Odyssey Race Ready with 523 hp

Honda-Race-Odyssey1 Honda manufacturing of Alabama is entering the One Lap of America endurance race again this year, running in an Odyssey minivan that pumps out 523 hp.

The race covers 10 states and eight race tracks over a period of seven days, and consists of all types of racing events including straight line time trials, banked oval track timed laps, road course segements and more.

The Honda Odyssey would not be the first choice for most racers, but the engineers at Honda Alabama decided to have some fun with the typical family vehicle and added some pep to the kid carrier. A stock Odyssey runs with a 3.5-liter V-6 that makes 266 hp, while this race version uses a turbocharger and modified version of the same engine to provide 523 hp.

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