Kia K9 Launched, Detailed in Korea; Could Be Renamed Elsewhere

KiaK9 Kia has launched its new K9 flagship sedan for its home market of Korea. The rear-wheel-drive range-topper is destined for a global marketplace; whether the U.S. is among those markets is yet to be confirmed, but we’re confident we’ll get a K9 of our own. When/if the K9 arrives Stateside, it will probably do so under a different nameplate; Kia’s pointed out on numerous occasions that the K9 name is specific to the Korean market.

Kia will offer the Korean-spec K9 with a choice of direct-injected, Lambda V-6s: a 296-hp 3.3-liter and the same 329-hp 3.8-liter found in the Hyundai Genesis. The global K9 will keep the direct-injected 3.8-liter but will replace the base 3.3 with a port-injection 3.8-liter. All engines will pair up with an eight-speed automatic transmission. The global-market version of the K9 is set to go on sale in the fall of this year.

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