Honda introduces new Insight Hybrid

Japanese carmaker Honda has announced the introduction of a refreshed Insight Hybrid model, which will be accompanied by an Insight Exclusive model with a 1.5litre engine.

Both hybrid cars will go on sale at dealerships in Japan on November 11 with a combined sales target of 1,500units monthly. The Honda Insight Hybrid will start at US$24,221, while the Insight Exclusive will start at US$26,103.

So what makes the new Insight different from its predecessor? Well, among the features of the new Honda Insight will be new exterior styling elements, an upgraded 1.3litre i-VTEC engine plus IMA hybrid system and fuel economy of 64mpg.

Meanwhile, the Honda Insight Exclusive will share the 1.5litre i-VTEC engine of the CR-Z Hybrid sports car and will offer fuel economy of 54.6mpg

In addition, Honda has also announced it will begin sales of an all-new Freed Hybrid minivan and Freed Spike Hybrid tall wagon from October 28.

The new Freed models feature Honda’s lightweight, compact IMA hybrid system and include one of the best fuel economy ratings among compact minivans and tall wagons: at 50.8mpg. In addition, they offer both ECON mode and the Ecological Drive Assist System as standard, to help drivers maintain a more fuel efficient driving style.

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