Honda Fit B-Spec Racing Suspension Kit Available February

2011-Honda-Performance-Development-B-SPEC-Fit-Sport-front Honda Fit B-Spec Racing Suspension Kit Available February, For $2,800 you'll get coil-over shocks, camber bolts, braided stainless brake lines, an air filter, front and rear race springs, a cat-back exhaust, front brake pads and an A/C delete belt.

HPD General Manager Marc Sours said, “A cornerstone of our grassroots motorsports marketing initiative has been to establish a connection between Honda’s passenger cars and the racing cars that evolve from these models. The B-Spec category provides a relatively low-cost means for the prospective racer to enter the sport, and the Honda FIt offers a natural point of entry. These are inexpensive, great-handling cars that should provide both excellent competition and help grow the sport at the entry level.”

You'll still have to provide your own Honda fit, competition cage, racing seats, harness and other safety equipment.