Volkswagen Launches Golf R App For iPad

The 2012 Golf R land at dealers, Volkswagen Launches Golf R App For iPad. Loaded with info R Golf and Golf history, this application is intended to provide users with all the videos, photos, and specifications of the technology they need to know the model and its lineage.

2012-Volkswagen-Golf-R-iPad-App Called "Golf R Forever," the application was developed "with the community of enthusiasts in mind," according to Volkswagen. As such, the app is told from the perspective of VW fans and drivers who helped to bring the car in the United States. Included in the app are interviews with key people involved in the Golf R project, testimonies and stories passion, a complete Golf R brochure with technical specifications and 360-degree view of the car, and an interactive timeline that shows the Golf's history, which extends from 1970 to the present. there is also a mini-documentary about Volkswagen and a video interview with hot rod designer Chip Foose, who talks about his passion for VWS.

The Golf R App is available now at the iTunes App Store and is free to download. Although it may not be as entertaining as actually driving the 256 horsepower, all-wheel drive Golf R, the application might be worth checking out if you are a diehard dubber.