Hyundai Veloster Turbo Starting At $21,500

Hyundai The acclaimed Hyundai Veloster receives a major upgrade for the 2013 model year. Recognized for its unique three-door configuration, provoking design, build quality, and great value, the Veloster has also been criticized for falling short in the driving department.

For 2013, Hyundai answers with the introduction of the Veloster Turbo, armed with a 1.6 liter turbo inline-four delivering 201-hp and 195 lb.-ft. Torque. While the base Veloster offered a choice between a 6-speed manual or dual clutch transmission, the Veloster Turbo will keep the manual but forgo the dual-clutch for a traditional 6-speed automatic instead.

The new Veloster Turbo hatch will be available for sale by summertime and, according to a Hyundai official that spoke to Inside Line, should receive a starting price at $21,500, or $22,280 when you factor in the $760 destination charge. An affordable price for cars delivering a similar package with similar performance, the more powerful Veloster is actually a $4,000 premium over the 138-hp base model. Of course, the Veloster Turbo will be provided with more standard equipment as well.

Strangely, a turbo variant for the Veloster was reportedly not a part of Hyundai’s initial product strategy in North America. Due to the daily practice of freeway driving by most Americans, we’re glad Hyundai reconsidered.

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