Ferrari 458 Spyder Tuning Package Adds Horsepower, Style and Speed

NOVITEC-ROSSO-45SPI-06 If nothing else, driving a Ferrari 458 Spyder commands attention, but tuner Novitec Rosso insists that’s not enough. It just announced a new tuning package that makes the car lighter, faster and more aerodynamic to allow a 200 mph top speed.

A double front spoiler, rear diffuser, rear spoiler, side skirts and loads of other add-ons, all made from carbon fiber, give the modified Ferrari a sportier look while functionally serving to generate additional downforce.

Despite their size (21 inches in the front and 22 in the rear), the new wheels don’t weigh the car down and lend an even more wedge-shaped appearance.

Novitec Rosso also swapped the suspension for a hydraulic system that can raise the car roughly 1.5 inches to safely navigate curbs, something anyone used to driving an asphalt-hugging sports car will appreciate. In its standard mode, which the car resets to at 50 mph automatically, the car sits roughly 1.4 inches lower than a normal 458.

A carbon fiber air box and special exhaust help the cars 4.5-liter V8 to make 608 hp, a 38-hp increase over a standard 458.

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