Morgan Plus E Coming to 2012 Geneva Auto Show

Morgan-Plus-E British performance car maker Morgan will unveil an electric car called the Morgan Plus E at the 2012 Geneva Auto Show next month.

The company is using an electric drivetrain from Zytek, the same group they went to for their previous EV (pictured above). Like the last time, this car will also come with a manual gearbox. It’s an unusual combination considering most electric cars we see today have either a single speed or at most two.

Regardless of convention, using a manual system in an electric performance car can multiply the already instant torque electric motors offer.

“If there is enough public interest, it will go into production,” a Zytek spokesman told Automotive News.

Few further details are available on the Plus E, but Steve Morris, Morgan’s operations director, said it will have near-super car performance. We’ll bring you coverage live from Geneva next month during the press preview.

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