How can I improve my broadband connection?

How-can-improve-broadband-connection The broadband in my Cotswold village is hopeless so I access the Internet via a laptop, using my 3G mobile phone as a modem. However, I can only get a reasonable signal upstairs by placing my phone (connected to the laptop by a USB cable) very close to a window. That is a little restrictive so could I leave my phone upstairs and connect it to my laptop downstairs in the study? The cable would need to be around 12 metres long. Is there another way of getting the signal to my study?
Robert Squire, by email

We dealt with the 3-metre cable length limit on USB cables a few weeks ago. This can be overcome by stringing cables together using powered USB hubs at 3-metre intervals, but it’s not very elegant and I have doubts that it would work reliably on this type of setup. Alternatively you could upgrade to a smartphone with a wireless hotspot facility, or use a MiFi device, which is a 3G dongle with a built in wireless router. Most mobile phone companies have them and prices start at around £50.00.

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