2013 Mercedes-Benz SL Roadster Accessories Announced

SL Zubehör Well-heeled Mercedes-Benz SL drivers are getting a new way to spend money thanks to a line of accessories that includes new wheel options, floor mats and even an entertainment system with a DVD changer.

If you’re among the lucky group driving a 2013 SL roadster you can now foot the fast ride in genuine AMG accessories for a more aggressive look, which will add AMG style while keeping the performance specs the same. AMG rear aprons and side skirts are available to let passersby aware of the message behind an AMG badge think much more of the car than it really offers.

If masquerading as a higher-end performance model isn’t your thing there are still plenty of other wheel options — 11 to be exact and 16 different charging cradles to fit whichever smartphone snatches your email.

Finally, door sills with illuminated lettering and a boot lid bearing the SL symbol are also available. Pricing hasn’t been disclosed, but don’t expect any of them to come cheap when the car itself carries a $105,000 starting price.

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