Armored Core V – review

Armored-Core-V-008 Let's get straight to the nuts and bolts of it – players already well-versed in the Armored Core series will be right at home with this fifth "proper" instalment in the franchise. However, those who have never so much as glanced at a giant robot before might be drowned in so much jargon and futuristic militarism that there will be a temptation to give up before getting to the good stuff.

Wade through the confusing opening, though, and you'll find a remarkably solid, if resoundingly challenging mecha adventure. The towering bipedal war machines populating the game are staggeringly customisable – right down to the paint apps – and a hearty single-player mode is bolstered by an even more robust online multiplayer option, allowing you to form teams and fight over territory in ongoing battles. Armored Core V looks fantastic and is thoroughly entertaining, but its impenetrability may prove too much for all but the faithful.

The Guardian