Honda Reveals Dragon-Inspired Concept C and Sleek Concept S

Honda-Concept-C-front Today Honda unveiled two sleek concept cars at the Beijing auto show including one car whose design we hear was inspired by a dragon. Earlier this month, the automaker released two teaser photos of the concepts.

One of those vehicles is the Concept C sedan, with the “C” standing for “Cool,” “Challenge,” and “China.”  Honda could have added “Coupe,” since the absence of a rear quarter window gives the concept a very coupe-like profile. The side view also showcases a few interesting character lines, wheel-well filling rims, thin side view mirror housing, and small, push-button style door handles. Up front, the grille and lower air dams are angular, while the hood features bold bulges. It will be interesting to 2012 Beijing: Honda Reveals Dragon Inspired Concept C and Sleek Concept S imagesee how much of the sharp concept sedan’s dragon-inspired styling translates into the expected production version.

The Concept S — “S” is for “Stylish,” “Smart,” and “Surprise” – is a people mover that’s a bit smaller than the Odyssey minivan sold here in the States. The Concept S appears to have four conventional doors and its curvaceous shape reminds us of the Civic’s “mono-form” design language. Honda didn’t provide passenger capacity for the Concept S.

Also unavailable were powertrain details, although the Concept S is said to be powered by a hybrid system. Both vehicles are scheduled for production next year and Honda says it plans to sell the Concept S in both Chinese and to-be announced global markets.

Acura has its own show-stopper at the show, where it is displaying the NSX concept. Acura’s halo sportscar now sports red paint as opposed to the dark silver color used for its Detroit debut.

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