Hottest Test Drive – Lamborghini Aventador Catches

Lamborghini-Aventador-fire What’s the worst thing that can happen on a test drive? Chances are spontaneous combustion of a supercar made it to your list. That’s what happened on a Lamborghini Aventador test drive in Southern California this weekend—and the aftermath was caught on video. The car was traveling on a highway in Orange County when flames appeared by the driver’s side rear tire.

The carbon-fiber rich construction of the Aventador appears to melt as large chunks of the exotic material crumble from the high-pressure fire hoses. At one point the flames appear to be extinguished until one of the firefighters begins tearing up the body, exposing the smoldering flames to more oxygen.

This isn’t the first time an Italian supercar has had fire issues. Two years ago Lamborghini-rival Ferrari investigated at least nine reports of the 458 Italia catching on fire while being driven. Ferrari concluded that adhesive used for a rear heat shield would ignite when it reached a high temperature.

No one was injured, according to the video poster. Check out the video below of the flaming Lamborghini Aventador.

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