Mazda SKYACTIV engines scoop industry award

MazdaSkyActivGEngine The impressive fuel efficiency of Mazda’s SKYACTIV technology has earned recognition in high quarters – after five Mazda engineers received the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers Medal.

The medals are handed out each year as recognition for the best research papers in various fields. They are presented in the hope of encouraging research activities and further development of mechanical engineering.

Now Mazda has received the award for its role in creating the 1.3litre petrol engine with SKYACTIV technology – which produces fuel efficiency of 70.6mpg with an exceptionally high compression ratio of 14.0:1.

Traditionally, offering a high compression ratio in a petrol engine has been difficult due to the abnormal combustion which is known as “knocking”. However, Mazda has discovered a low temperature oxidation reaction occurs before ignition during high compression and can reduce knocking while increasing output. Mazda was praised for this breakthrough and for its use in the development of its vehicles.

For example, the Mazda Demio (also known as the Mazda2) is equipped with the SKYACTIV-G engine (pictured) and is assisted by Mazda’s i-stop technology and its precisely controlled continuously variable transmission.

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