Nissan Sylphy Debuts at Beijing Auto Show, Previews New Sentra

Nissan-Sylphy-3 The Nissan Sylphy debuted today at the Beijing Auto Show in China, and when it hits our showrooms here in the U.S. later this year it will be the new Nissan Sentra.

Nissan released a teaser video of the American spec Sentra this morning, which does not reveal to much of the car, but enough to tell that the Sentra and Sylphy are practically identical. The small Sentra takes a lot of its design cues from the new Nissan Altima, getting curvaceous body lines, LED daytime running lights, new taillights and the redesigned backwards sweeping front grille.

The Sylphy was announced with power coming from a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine connected to Nissan’s all new Xtronic CVT which should improve the cars fuel efficiency and performance. The Sentra here in the U.S. will likely have more engine options, but the new Xtronic CVT will definitely be making its way to the U.S..

The North American Nissan Sentra should be on sale by mid-2012, and expect it to come with some tiny changes from the Sylphy that debuted today.

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