Spied! Next-Gen Chevrolet Silverado Hits the Streets

2014-Chevrolet-Silverado-1500 The current-generation Chevrolet Silverado (and GMC Sierra) full-size pickups have been on the market since 2007, so it’s unsurprising that General Motors has begun work on the next-generation trucks. Lucky for us, our spy photographer managed to catch copies of the both the Silverado 1500 and HD clad in camouflage out testing.

The HD pickups actually received a major mechanical upgrade in 2011, but saw no cosmetic upgrades; the light-duty versions have seen minor tweaks to their powertrains and transmissions since the debut five years ago. We have already reported that the next-generation of Silverado and Sierra are due for the 2014 model year – coming roughly at the same time as the C7-generation Corvette and around when the 2014 Chevy Impala goes on sale. Better yet, the new trucks will come equipped with GM’s next-generation of small-block V-8 that will include direct injection for better fuel economy and bigger power numbers. Expect the 2500 and 3500 HD variants to follow the light-duty 1500-series trucks by a year.

What we can see from the spy shots is that the Silverado will be returning to an even more upright and boxy look than the current-generation truck. The front fascia looks to be more evolutionary than revolutionary, continuing the stacked headlights and super-wide grille; however, we can’t see if the Silverado will continue on with the trademark split grille or change over to the new single-grille look that has appeared on the 2013 Malibu, Traverse, and 2014 Impala. In profile, we can see that the 2014 Silverado will be taking cues from last year’s GMC Sierra All Terrain HD and the 2004 Chevrolet Cheyenne Concepts with slimmer pillars, a larger glass area, and possibly a kink at the rear of the second window.

Sadly, the camo obscures much of the new trucks’ designs, but we can see that there are both 1500 and HD prototypes running here. Our spy shooter points out that the light-duty truck is sporting new six lug nut double-spoke wheels, while the HD mule is clearly ready for work with eight lugs per wheels. Also visible on the HD truck is a beefy frame and a larger exhaust setup than what appears on the other truck.

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