Bentley EXP 9 F Concept Customer Response ‘Extremely Positive’

bentley-exp-9-f-concept When Bentley debuted its EXP 9 F SUV Concept earlier this year at the Geneva Motor Show, it appeared that the vast majority of the world found its design a little less than pleasing.

It appeared that the British automaker was going straight to redesigning the SUV based on its lukewarm response, but now Bentley’s chief of exterior design, David Hilton, has gone on the record to say that “the response has been incredibly positive” on the EXP 9 F and that potential customers “love the presence of the vehicle and the personality it projects.” Surprising, to say the least.

So does that mean Bentley isn’t redesigning its EXP 9 F Concept before it makes its production debut? Not exactly. The automaker is close to finalizing the design for production and Hilton did admit that the styling will be toned down next time we see it. What will remain however is the quad-circle light design along with the SUV’s general proportions, rectangle taillights, and contrasting oval exhausts.

Hilton even hinted that the rear end look is something we will be seeing on more Bentley models in the near future, perhaps on a newly-redesigned Continental GT. Bentley still has high aspirations for its SUV when it hits the market, estimating that it will move 15,000 of them yearly. If that sounds like a high figure, it should; that’s more than double of what Bentley sold in total last year.

But changes are being made to make Bentley models more attractive in emerging markets such as China, India, and Russia. The British automaker is also working on providing more fuel-efficient powerplant options including the possible plug-in hybrid variant for the upcoming SUV.

As for future models, Hilton stated that there are no plans for a smaller Bentley.

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