2014 Porsche Panamera to Trade V8 for Turbocharged V6

2013-porsche-panamera Porsche is updating its Panamera model in hopes that it’ll be more attractive to the general public for its 2014 model year.

So far, judging by the spy photos, it doesn’t appear that the Panamera is getting extremely major changes, but the German automaker claims it’ll be extensively overhauled to the point that it’ll almost look like a new car. We still find that hard to believe, but what we are excited about is that the 4S variant may be swapping its V8 engine for a 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6.

Rather than having 400-hp from the current 4S V8, the new twin-turbo V6 will sport 420-hp with better fuel efficiency. V8s won’t be entirely gone from the Panamera lineup however, as Porsche may be adopting Audi‘s V8 TDI diesel engine. Chances are though, the diesel variant won’t be making it to America; it currently does sell well in Europe however.

Hopefully the refresh is a good one, since the second generation Panamera isn’t scheduled to make an appearance until 2015.

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