Chrysler Town & Country Plug-Ins Cost More Than $1 Million Each

2012 Chrysler Town & Country As brands go, Chrysler isn’t much for making hybrids and EVs, but that’s changing. The automaker just announced that it delivered four plug-in hybrid Town & Country mini vans to the city of Auburn Hills, Mich. as a two-year demonstration project.

Chrysler says it’s pouring $15.8 million into the project, which will be supplemented by another $10 million from the Department of Energy but only 25 vehicles will be built, which means each unit is a million-dollar car.

“This Town & Country minivan is the only minivan to boast a plug-in hybrid powertrain in combination with flex fuel capability,” said Abdullah A. Bazzi, senior manager of Electrified Power Train Programs for Chrysler. “We’re pleased to have four of these 25 vehicles being tested right here in Chrysler’s backyard where they can get real-world use and be evaluated promptly.”

It isn’t unusual for automakers to provide experimental fleet vehicles to gather real-world data that ultimately helps develop production cars. This particular deal between Chrysler and Auburn Hills anticipates some 16,800 miles being out on each of the fleet vehicles.

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