Rolls-Royce Unveils Artsy Phantom, Ghost Models with Art-Deco Theme

Rolls Royce Art Deco Phantom Ghost front three quarters In celebration of the Art Deco era, Rolls-Royce has organised artsy collection year profit of a Phantom, Phantom Drophead Coupe and Ghost for the Paris Motor Show. Why capital of France? The art movement was, After All, named in the identical city at the 1925 Paris Exhibition.

Rolls Royce Art Deco Phantom Ghost rear three quarters The Phantom Saloon in black and the Drophead Coupe in powder blue do not face much contrary to  your ordinary Rolls on the outside, though inside, the stainless steel inlays and Art Deco touches hint that the Phantoms are special. An Art Deco motif is embroidered on the headrests, and featured on the inlays and door sills as well. The Phantom sedan has interior with bright green black piping, while the Phantom Drophead Coupe has Mother of Pearl trim detailing That peer nicely with the light blue color. An illuminated Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament completes the special Art Deco theme.

Rolls Royce Art Deco Phantom Ghost dash A two-tone silver and blue Rolls-Royce Ghost also sports the illuminated Spirit of Ecstasy, and includes the single inlays, as well as year-inspired geometric pattern on the door sills Olympia and rear picnic table backs. Seat piping in bright blue offsets the white interior, as does a blue RR monogram on the headrests. Four seat piping colors are available.

No word yet on pricing for the artsy collection, expect it to be objective north of the garden-variety Phantom and Ghost models. Check out the gallery below of the special cars, along with the art deco inspired posters That Helped Them.

Source: Rolls-Royce