K&N 99-5000 Aerosol Recharger Filter Care Service Kit

K&N Recharger kit contains K&N air filter cleaner and air filter oil. It is a six-step maintenance system designed to recharge any K&N FilterCharger air filter. Air filter oil is used to treat foam air filter elements to increase their filtering capacity. Red filter oil helps to extend engine life and prevents dirt from entering your engine. Air filter oil boosts the performance of cars and trucks. K&N air filter cleaner is the only cleaner formulated to clean K&N FilterCharger elements. K&N air filter cleaner works to dissolve the dirt build up and old filter oil, and can be washed away with water. It is biodegradable and safe on paint, chrome, cast aluminum, plastic, rubber and vinyl when used as directed. Complete instruction is included with this kit.

Product Features

  • Includes 6.5 oz. air filter oil, 12 oz. filter cleaner
  • Weight of the recharger kit is 2 lb (0.9 kg.)
  • Air filter oil prevents dirt from entering your engine
  • Air filter cleaner works to dissolve the dirt build up and old filter oil
  • This item is not for sale in Catalina Island

Most Helpful Customer ReviewsK&N 99-5000 Aerosol Recharger Filter Care Service Kit

Though I am frugal, I am aware of several factors to be considered in the balance of living well and affordable. I must say that the K&N air filter (not included) and the recharger kit (listed here) is an easy, affordable, and effective combination of product that is well worth the buy and the time. All you do to "recharge" is spray the cleaner (in spray bottle) onto both sides of the filter, let sit for ten minutes to break down the grime, let the ~natural flow~ of water (not pressurized by a nozzle) run through the inside (cleaner side) of the air filter to flush the grime out of the other side (repeat if really dirty [doesn't usually need more than once for me and I change it every 6,000-10,000 miles]), and let dry; I shake it out and then stand it up in the (Arizona) sun to make it dry in ten to fifteen minutes. Then, spray the oil (in the aerosol can) evenly onto the outside (the once dirtier side), and let sit for about twenty minutes to allow for the oil to absorb. Check the crowns and grooves on the opposite side to see the places that do now have or need more oil; the filter is whitish and the oil is red in color so you will be able to see where the oil is and how much is there. Repeat until the whole filter is red with oil, wipe the excess oil from the rubber frame, install the clean filter back into your vehicle, start the engine, and listen to that air flow :D.

*NOTE: I use the cleaner and oil very liberally and one recharger kit has lasted me to my third one which I am doing right now. I still have enough for one more "less liberal" recharge for next time. Also, to thoroughly oil the filter in its grooves, it takes a little patience but again, it's well worth it. Time to go finish my recharge! Take care and I pray this helped!

*UPDATE: It has now been over a year since I have done this review, so I thought I would give some feedback about observations I made recently. The product and air filter still work great! However, I would highly recommend using a "less liberal" amount of oil. When I looked at my spark plugs, they were very rich due to an excess of air filter oil. How do I reduce or prevent this? When applying the oil, apply it to only part of the filter and give it a good twenty minutes; theoretically, this will allow the time needed for the oil to naturally absorb into the fibers of the filter (as they say in the instructions... anxious me). Less excess, less spark plug buildup, and maybe an extra charge out of the kit! If you experience the buildup on your spark plugs, you can just take a wire brush to them. However, blow them off well before re-installing them. We don't want particles in our cylinders :). Also, as a result of a reply to this post, I found out and affirmed through K&N's FAQ that unless you are in an excessively dusty environment every day, K&N's recommendation is to clean their air box filters every 50,000 miles and their conical filters every 100,000 miles! It is very dusty here in Arizona, but my 10,000 mile recharge is still way too frequent. Thank you Gator J. I pray this helps!

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