K&N 99-5050 Filter Care Service Kit - Squeeze

A six-step maintenance system designed to recharge any K&N FilterCharger Air Filter. Restores air flow efficiency so your FilterCharger performs like new.


  • Includes: 6.5 oz. squeeze bottle Oil, 12 oz. Filter Cleaner and Service Decal

Product Features

  • Recharger Kit; Squeeze Oil
  • Replaces 99-5002

    Most Helpful Customer ReviewsK&N 99-5050 Filter Care Service Kit - Squeeze

    I love the squeeze bottle ... the aerosol bottle just sprays everywhere and is harder to control quantity and where it hits. It also seems harder to judge when you have applied to much, or too little.

    With the squeeze bottle, you simply apply an even amount along the ridges on both sides of the filter and allow time for the oil to soak down into the fibers of the filter.
    This way, you can start with a smaller amount and if it isn't enough to "soak to the middle" you know you need more, and can judge how much more based on how much you applied the first time and how much white space is left. After time, you start to get a good feel for the amount of oil needed to re-oil the filter.
    K&N filters are also specifically distributed with a spec sheet showing the amount of oil needed, and this information can also be viewed on the K&N website. For instance, my car's filter requires 1.24oz of oil to re-oil the filter.

    With the squeeze bottle it is very easy to determine how much oil has been applied - it's just liquid in a bottle and there is a gauge so you can see how much oil is in the bottle when you start, how much is left as you work, and therefor how close you have come to the K&N recommended amount of oil for a proper re-oiling job. With the spray can, knowing how much oil you have dispersed is difficult if not impossible.

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